My heart is heavy tonight. I just got back from this great conference and had the opportunity to hear from some amazing women concerning trafficking and prostitution. Hear are some quick facts I learned:

Nearly 27 millions men, women, and children are in bondage worldwide

90% of women in the sex industry experienced sexual abuse as a child

A study showed that workers in the sex industry are raped on average once a week

I also found out that the hero in Grand Theft Auto 4, which is the highest selling game of all time by the way, is a trafficker. This hero apparently gains more points in the game if he has sex with a prostitute and then kills her because he then doesn’t have to pay.


On the flip side, I had the opportunity to meet a woman and hear her story that offered so much hope. After a life of abuse and neglect, she turned to the sex industry. Hearing her stories of abuse and coercion on the job made my heart break; but after hearing how her life has changed and how it changed I became so grateful for the church and how God moves even in the darkest places.