Quick rant:

Why is it that everyone who seems to be interested in social activism wears scarves, takes pictures, idolizes U2, owns a Mac, and thinks America sucks?

To self-proclaimed lover of oppressed,

In SoCal you’re only allowed to wear scarves 5 days out of the year. Otherwise, you’re just trying to be trendy.

That camera you just bought could buy a well in Africa. Let the real photographers keep to the picture taking. Otherwise, you’re just trying to be trendy.

U2 is awesome, but they were awesome before they started helping out Africa. Really.

I own a Mac. I bought it because I thought it was “cooler” than a PC. How is a computer of any kind more or less cool than another? It’s a computer. Trendiness at it’s worst.

America is a pretty enjoyable place to live. In fact, I would venture to say that we are the most giving country in the world not to mention most free. Well, at least for now. Hating America is trendy.

Trendy and “social activist” go hand in hand nowadays. I don’t like it. Those who need to be focused on are actually being put on the back burner because of the things mentioned above. This whole “movement” still has a layer of pride and false humility to scrape away for it to be helping anyone. If you’re not careful, it all becomes about you and not the King who really is about justice.

That’s all. I know I didn’t clearly communicate everything and most of it probably seems a bit harsh but I don’t have to clearly communicate everything. It’s my blog and I will suck at thoroughly communicating my points if I want to. 🙂