I got the phone call early Wednesday morning. My grandma crying telling me my sister was in the hospital. “The doctors don’t think she’s gonna make it, honey.” Waking up, I realized it wasn’t a bad dream. Raj had already gone to work and I needed to get a hold of him. Thankfully, he was in between class periods and he answered. I figured out flight stuff and started packing. My bosses were amazing and told me not to worry about anything but getting to my sister. On the way to the airport I got the phone call that the doctors declared her brain dead and that my mom was now only waiting for us to get to the hospital to take her off life support.

The rest of the week was spent with family, taking care of my mom and my sister’s two year old little boy, my nephew. The funeral was this past Tuesday. My brother gave the eulogy. It was a terribly beautiful service and his words were as equally beautiful. He painted a picture of my sister mourning the fact that she didn’t live very long and an angel wrapped their arm around her shoulder and says, “Jessica, just wait and see what happens.”

My sister had some rough people in her life. The funeral was packed with drug addicts, alcoholics, and criminals-people desperate for Christ. Between the words my brother spoke and the Gospel being presented not only during the service but the reception as well, the pastor has let my mom know that his office has been flooded with phone calls from Jessica’s friends. Apparently the words that were shared made some of them restless and uncomfortable. PRAISE GOD!

I don’t know how to describe how painful it is to know my sister is gone. I’m not sure it is possible. But I can tell you this: God is at work. Praise God her death was not in vain but that He will turn all things for good. I hope this can turn anyone who reads this to praise God. He is providing peace. He alone is providing comfort. He is keeping me and my family sane in this tragedy. That alone is a miracle. Praise be to God!!!

“…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”
2 Cor. 3:17