It seems as though there is something in the water to make everyone pregnant. Well, Raj and I have some exciting news to share…we’re not! 🙂 I am very happy to be an aunt-like figure to so many babies though. First, Evan. This Asian creation is too cute. Coming up in the near future (and I’m really an aunt with this one!) A-name. That’s right. Amber and Joe’s bun in the oven is so cool he only goes by “A”. He’s making us wait on the rest of his name. After that comes Darren and Janelle’s baby! I can’t wait to see that one! Between the two parents, he/she doesn’t stand a chance. He/she will be gorgeous and/or ruggedly handsome. All these tots have such cool parents. I’m excited to learn from all of them! I’m so happy to be the aunt!