Let me preface this with the fact that I love my church. Truly. I love Sandals. I could list many reasons why, but for now just know that I love the church. Ok, now that I got that out there I feel okay about sharing. Last night, I got the opportunity to help out at the family shelter through Path of Life. I met a woman, Colleen, and her adorable nine month old son. After chatting for a little while she asked me where I went to church. I told her Sandals and her eyes lit up. “I go to Sandals, too! I love that place!” I asked her how long she had been going and she said “Two years.”

Something is wrong with this picture. I mean, it’s a wrong picture entirely to have to even see families in shelters but a woman who goes to my church? How is she there? I don’t know the entire story. I do know that she’s been in the shelter for a couple weeks and is there because times got hard and the daycare center she worked at closed due to lack of enrollment. I know that she’s applied to a ton of places. I know that she is going to Sandals today to talk with Jamie. I know that the church needs to step up and help her. I know times are hard and it’s tough to find a job. But I know that God is bigger than all of that. If anyone who reads this knows of a place she and her baby can stay or a place where she can find a job, please contact me and the Sandals office. She can’t stay there.