I read To Own a Dragon by Donald Miller last year. To those of you who aren’t aware, I like Don. We’ve never met in person but I’m sure if we did we’d be friends. Well, I can testify for myself that I would want to be his friend. He may not want to befriend an awkward fan. Great. I’m digressing. Back to the book. I really appreciated Miller’s thoughts concerning the issue of growing up without a father. It may not make sense to some, but when he wrote about how he felt out of place when he was around families or adults, I felt like someone was speaking my language on the subject for the first time. He shared about the time when it finally hit him that he grew up without a father and that it wasn’t how it was supposed to be. We could argue about how God knew all along that it was going to happen, or tha he’s now the person he is because of his father’s absence, but I don’t think he was writing on those points. I think he was recognizing that there was something a miss in the way he was raised, that God created family in the order that a mother and a father would parent the child. Anyway, he went on to describe the (humiliating) process it has been to seek out and learn from families and older, wiser, godly men (and women) the things that he should’ve learned from his own parents. Everything from fixing a car to finances to interaction with the opposite sex. He talked about this family who took him into their home and invested in him. He shared about the lessons he learned and how God began to change him.

His thoughts resonated deeply, the only difference being that I didn’t have a family who would invest in me! I understand. I know people are busy and after eight hours with the kids I babysit, I’m amazed that parents have energy to invest in the development of their kids, let alone the energy to hang out with some dysfunctional twenty-something and invest in their development. I get it. Even still, I was really desiring to grow a relationship and learn from people who have lived life a little and had some things to teach me. I’ve been praying to meet a God-fearing and loving family that I’m not intimidated by. Well, God answered my prayers with the Carters. It’s a light-hearted yet intentional time when I’m with them and I feel so blessed after spending time with them. They rock. Meet the Carters. Thanks, God. 🙂