Hey, I’m Kim. Lindsey’s best friend, and room mate. This is us:

currently we are sitting in our living room looking at blogs. Lindsey is making me tea cause I’m sick and she’ sweet like that. She is a servant. I’ve asked her to be her guest blogger for the night, because well… she sucks at blogging lately. Maybe you all can give her some encouragement to barf out all her amazing thoughts on life back into her bluestraveller space online…

So, Lindsey loves starbucks. I think all of us girls do. It’s just our thing. I think in college we went every night almost. If we didn’t make a pot of coffee we were driving to visit our favorite Barijsta Chris at the Starbucks on Harrison. We practically lived there.
Lindsey’s new drink of choice is an iced coffee. She’s ranted and raved about it with room for cream quite a bit, so I think I’ll try it next time I go. We have one other room mate Meagan. You can tell we like coffee by looking at our kitchen counter:

There is this girl named Melissa. She’s all right. She hangs around us at night and is some what awkward. We let her live with us in college too. Actually she’s one of our best friends. She likes plants, this is our plant. If you went to cbu, you know and love him as “fernie”. He still sits in our apartment today, a bit more crispy and with less energy. I think we need to buy him new soil. Melissa and I often interpretive dance late at night, when the moon shifts Fernies leaves just the right way and we’ve had one too many drinks at starbucks.

So what else, Lindsey and the rest of us roomies move out in a month. Than she leaves for Ukraine, than she comes home and is in my wedding. Now she’s waiting on a few job opportunities for the fall… and that’s all there is to Lindsey’s life as of now.

Oh and her boyfriend Raj is coming to visit CA in 8 days. She’s pretty excited and keeps talking about it. She’s a little twitterpated. It will be fun to hang out with Raj, cause I don’t know him that well yet.

Lindsey is arranging flowers for my bridal shower in this pic. I just liked it so I thought I’d post it. Cause after all I’m in charge because I’m the guest blogger!!