This is my brother, D.J., and his beautiful girlfriend, Kate. I realized today that I haven’t posted much about my family so I wanted to dedicate a post to my brother. We were really close growing up. I remember when we were kids, we’d sneak out to the living room and watch WWF’s Monday Night Raw until our mom caught us and told us to go back to bed. When he started reading, he made me sit with him and try to read along. Did I mention I was two? From the time we were little, my brother always pushed me to do my best. I didn’t always heed his advice, but he has taught me a lot over the years. I owe my taste in music to him. I also owe my love for reading to him. He has no attachment to money. He truly believes it’s just something to have so you can give it away. He thinks deeply. He’s also extremely loyal. I admire my brother. He was always my hero growing up. In a lot of ways, he still is. When I didn’t have enough money to cover college tuition my freshman year he footed the bill. He believes in me and always has. We’ve both changed a lot over the years, but he most definitely has only gotten better with age. I’m so blessed to have such a great brother.broandkate.jpg