Explore my artistic side. I want to paint, draw, write, maybe even sing! Ok, that last one might be crazy talk but I do want to express myself more freely through the arts.

Encourage people. I don’t do it enough and we all need more of it.

Fill my journal by January 2008. What I mean by that is I want my life to be full of new things this year. New friends. New thoughts. Boldness. Risks. I need to come out of my introverted cave and explore life a bit more (even if it might be by myself or only with a couple friends) 🙂

Write friends via snail mail. I am terrible at doing this but having experience on the receiving end of this one, I know what a blessing it is to get hand written letters from friends (Thanks Kate!) 🙂

Travel. Firstly, save money in order to travel. Anyone up for some road trips? Deb, I know you’re game for Portland. Where are some good places to travel? Any ideas?

Those are a few of my New Years resolutions. What are some of yours?