December 2006

Fainting Goats

Those goats are so funny!


I had an interesting thing happen to me today while I was waiting at the bus stop. A girl about my age sat down and proceeded to hand me an evangelism track. When I told her I was a Christian, I don’t think she believed me because she went on to ask me if I was living a holy life, if I followed God’s 10 commandments, if I prayed, if I was in fellowship, if I knew where I was going if I didn’t do all those things, etc. It was amazing. I had never felt more attacked in my life! We were waiting for the same bus so we talked until my stop. It was interesting to say the least. It takes a lot of guts to go up and talk to strangers. She was bold. I didn’t agree with a lot that she had to say, but it made think, ya know? I can’t bash her or her methods in sharing. I think it’s best left unsaid knowing that I wouldn’t do it in the same manner, but I can’t help but admire her for the boldness she has. I was confused and entertained all the way back as I walked back to my apartment. Interesting to say the least…


They are awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a more excited group to go lead. They make everything so easy! Pray for us!

I decided to change my blog’s look to celebrate the holiday season. I know, it’s pretty sweet. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and this time I have a legitimate reason for the inactivity! You see, a dog ate my computer. He was a big dog. Mean. Hairy. Hungry. He told me (yes, he spoke) that he wanted to eat my computer so I let him.

Ok, a dog didn’t eat my computer. Dogs aren’t allowed in our apartment complex. I AM excited to be gearing up for the travelling that will be taking place to see my family. I refuse to post one of those countdown posts since I’m only travelling a few hours and will only be there for two short days ,but countdown post or not, I am stoked! Today someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I don’t know if it’s from growing up on welfare or getting excited when the local church (err..I mean Santa) would drop off presents for my siblings and I, but I don’t remember ever thinking about something that I really wanted for Christmas. I was happy with anything. I had to think about it for a minute and honestly, all I wanted was a day off from work and time away from Riverside. I checked my schedule (again) just to make sure I had those days off. I do. I’m happy. Life is sweet.

On another awesome note, it was cold today! For all of you non-So Cal residents who are hating me for wishing cold, I apologize for my lack of appreciation of the fine weather we are blessed with down here. It isn’t that I dislike 70 degrees, I’m only saying it’s hard to get in the “holiday spirit” and enjoy the Christmas music that is playing non-stop when it feels like summer. Yeah for 45 degrees! 🙂

One more awesome note: my friend, Merea, wrote a post recently about how much she loves the words to some of the famous Christmas carols and I couldn’t agree with her more! We sang Joy to the World today in church and I couldn’t help but worship Christ as we sang:
“He rules the world with truth and grace
and makes the nations prove
the glories of His righteousness
and wonders of His love”
Matt shared how we often reflect of the birth of Jesus during this time of year(which is a great thing) but we need to remember even more what it is that the birth of Jesus Christ fulfilled. Immanuel. Jesus. Those names mean “God is with us” and “He who saves”. He brings salvation and is with us. Whoa. Let’s celebrate! Man, God is good.

I hate feeling obligated to post something for the sake of posting something even when I don’t have much to write about. Should I write about what I’ve been learning lately? Hmmm. It’s too late and I just got off work. Should I write about work? I don’t know what would be interesting to write about! This whole blog thing is strange. I don’t use it like a journal; I already have one. I’m not a witty writer but feel the pressure to write some impressive post to satisfy my blog friends. Ugh.

Here’s something: I really don’t like it when people judge others for the sake of making themselves appear “cool” or “intellectual”. Whether it’s an author of a book or a speaker or a fellow peer, if the words coming out of one’s mouth isn’t because of a love that is overflowing, why share? I know I fall short and probably sound like a pompous, arrogant person more than I would like to admit. I think we can all take a lesson from Jesus and think before we speak and love while speaking for that matter. Ok, I’m going to bed.

My roommate, Michelle, decided to help me out in the dating game by creating a profile on

Thanks, Michelle. I now have 57 year old single gents e-mailing me. Sick.

This is the first of many pictures of my nephew, Jesse. What a stud.