I was tagged last week by my wonderful friend Alicia. I’m supposed to list nine things that are weird about me so here they are:

#1: When I am really tired I get “lazy eye”.
#2: Most of the time I would be as happy or happier reading a book than interacting with people.
#3: I hate sour cream. The sight and smell of sour cream makes me sick.
#4: I love Cher.
#5: I can sing the theme song to Golden Girls.
#6. When I was in the 4th grade I dreamed of one day becoming Garth Brooks’ fiddle player.
#7: Garth Brooks was my first crush.
#8: I still think he’s cute.
#9: When I get ready for bed I scratch my head to relax myself.

So now that you know some of my quirks, Michelle, Sug, Peter, and Nicole: it’s your turn. 🙂