I’m sticky and smell like coffee. It’s midnight and I’m not tired whatsoever. I don’t know exactly what to write about. I guess I’ll just write what is in my head at the moment.

Ok, so I’m looking at this really cool painting that a guy from Sandals had painted after his experience in Africa. I was really excited about seeing more work from this guy because he’s quite the artist from what I’ve heard. The point is, I’m not going to see it. Why you ask? Well, his work was going to be shown after the screening of Invisible Children that Sandals was going to be showing. Unfortunately, the screening is not taking place anymore. I’m sad about this fact because Invisible Children is a powerful documentary that has been so useful in waking up tired and apathetic minds to care about what is going on around the world, particularly the civil war in Uganda that has lasted for over 20 years. Sandals Church is a church blessed with a ton of resources. Be it the arts, the intellect, the passion, the gifts, the $$$$, we have the GOD GIVEN ability to meet a lot of needs as a congregation.

With all of that being said, Invisible Children isn’t a priority at the moment within the lives of Sandals church. I wish it was. It will be an exciting day when the people of Sandals will be ignited with such a passion to reach the hurting, hungry, sick, and poor because they’re so excited to surrender their lives to God NO MATTER THE COST that they can’t keep it contained within Riverside but are burning with a passion to take His good news everywhere.

I’m getting tired now. I need to sleep. I hope everyone has a fun Halloween. I’m curious to know what you did as a kid for Halloween? Trick or treating? Church Harvest Festval? Costumes?