I had my first day of work yesterday and, overall, I would say it was a good time. Imagine if you will a manager who sounds like the guy from the Clear Eyes eyedrops commercials and a nervous twenty-something who reads everything in the manual outloud who made the seemingly unemotional Clear Eyes manager make strange faces at him as he read (we were all reading silently by the way). It was hilarious! While we were reading through the manual I had to bite the inside of my cheek more than once to control my laughter. I thought to myself “You are going to like it here.” I don’t know what it is but I love awkwardness and awkward people. I was enjoying my quirky co-workers thoroughly! I think I’m going to have fun working with everyone.

On to some not so new news, I really love and miss India. I thought I would include a picture of my supervisor’s children Anjuli and Joanna. They’re so cute and to be honest, I thought of them when I was thinking of awkward people I know. You see, these are what we call “third culture kids”. They’re from one culture, raised in another culture, without ever really fitting in with either side thus forming their own third culture. It’s not a put down. They’re awesome kids who would make any parent really blessed. But let’s face it, they’re awkward. I love them. 🙂